About Us

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Our story

Vaal Gas has sold gas at the right price for over 46 years. It was founded in 1968 by Ron Josie. One day in 1978, a young dairy farmer by the name of Barry Klein stopped by Ron Josie’s home along his milk delivery route and asked Ron if he wanted to sell Vaal Gas. A bottle of whiskey later, the deal was done.

From the onset, the company sold gas as the official Easigas LPG distributor for the Vaal and it still is today. Other specialty areas include gas appliances, gas equipment, doing gas installations, camping, 4x4ing, clothing, fishing tackle, fireplaces and the installation thereof.

In 1995 Vaal Gas expanded and opened a branch in the River Square shopping mall. Today the focus of this store is on clothing, footwear, and outdoor gear. The store stocks popular brands like Jeep, Salomon, First Ascent, Rocky, Crocs, Hi-Tec, Leatherman, Victorinox, Maglite and LED Lensor.

A passion for gas and the outdoors

Vaal Gas has one of the most complete gas offerings in the country and we believe gas makes life better. Gas is instant, efficient, clean and convenient and we want to share these benefits with you our customer. As Barry always excitedly says… “Now we’re cooking with gas!”

We believe life is an adventure and the world is ours to explore. We’re passionate about the outdoors and will make sure you have everything you need to love every second of your time outside, wherever it may be.

How we do what we do

It is thanks to our partners that we are able to offer exceptional service and value to our customers. We are the only official Easigas LPG distributor for the Vaal Triangle and have partnered with Easigas since our inception. Most importantly, together we ensure that our customers are offered gas that is safe. By this, we mean that our cylinders are clean, in good condition, filled to the correct level and sealed properly. Together Easigas and Vaal Gas also promise to give customers their gas at a fair price.

Vaal Gas is a founding member of The Outdoorsman Group. This is a group of eight outdoor related stores that by buying stock in bulk together are able to pass on the discounts received onto the customer.

We also consider our staff our be our partners. It is thanks to our dedicated staff that Vaal Gas can offer a customer-centric, personalized service to every individual that walks through our door.

Meet Our Team

Victoria Avenue Team

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